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MNT Can Look After Your Existing Customers

It costs up to 10x more to gain a new customer than nurture an existing one… Who is looking after yours?

For over 15 years MNT has been perfecting the art of customer engagement through targeted outbound marketing activity and we consistently deliver additional revenue for our clients.

Every business we work with has their own account manager that builds a dedicated team of advisors, this team represents your company as if they were your employees. Your brand core values and tone of voice are all absorbed, ensuring your customers have a seamless continuity of service.

MNT Will Increase Your Revenue If:

You are a direct mail, catalogue, e-commerce mail order business
You have 5000 customers+
You have repeat or consumable products
You are looking to extend the lifetime value of your customers
You are looking for an uplift in sales without spending on marketing

Our clients

MNT Driving sales for leading brands

“Marketing is not just a function, it is the whole business seen from a customer’s point of view”

Peter Drucker

Management consultant, Educator and Author

This is also our philosophy and our business is about growing your business; in fact, we see ourselves as an extension of your existing marketing plan and an integral part of the customer journey.

To do this, we spend the time to understand how your business works, how your marketing works and performs as well as an in-depth analysis of your customer purchase history. Once we have completed the analysis we sit down with you and discuss the plan and advise on how we can add additional revenue to your existing customer base.

Analyse Data

Constructs Contact Strategy

Re-engage Customers

Analyse Data 100%
Constructs Contact Strategy 100%
Re-engage Customers 100%
Enhance Loyalty 100%

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